Newsletter 20 April 2018



And welcome to our first newsletter in a while.


The two classrooms are doing a lot of gardening as we have entered a tidy schools competition!

(Monday) The juniors have been doing so much gardening there is many new flowers: violas, pansies, alyssum and bells have been planted in old boots and containers. They also picked up all the rubbish and done weeding around the building.


(Tuesday) Marzana and Isabelle were doing more gardening and we will all be watering when the weather gets better. At half one, we are going to the end of year fine arts exhibition to see Dawn Mc Laughlin’s art exhibited there. The whole school started singing lessons with Jayne every bit of it was fun!


(Wednesday) Amy came in to look over the script for the play with sixth class, we also had German and we learned a new song.


(Thursday) We had swimming with the school. In survival Fergus, Ewan, Alice and Rebecca are in level 4 the highest level.

Ellie and Isabelle are in level 2.

Ali is in level 1.

We had MADA (PE)


(Friday) We don’t have recorder with Maggie Davis.

It is incredibly hot outside and we went outside the front for the first time this year.


The riddle this week is: people need me, but they always give me away. What am I .


That’s all for this weeks newsletter. The answer for the riddle will be in next week’s newsletter


Have a lovely weekend. Written and edited by Fergus and Ewan


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