Newsletter - 4th of May 2018

Enjoying singing lessons with Jayne

Our Newsletter – 4th of May 2018

St Mary’s Parochial School Newsletter


(Monday) We are nearly finished gardening. We have put loads of slate signs to show where the flowers are.

Thank you Nicola Everard for giving us all the slates. A Big thank you to Bernard who brought us bags of mulch for our garden.


(Tuesday) We had singing with Jayne we were singing A million dreams from the greatest showman and life’s a happy song from the Muppets.


We did German with Sigrid

It was typical Irish weather first hail stones then sunshine then rain then sunshine.


We had swimming at Clonmel swimming pool.

We all went really fast in the swimming pool.

MADA was very Fun!


It is a lovely day summer’s day. We have recorder and guitar with Maggie Davis, the people doing guitar are learning the song lost boy


The answer for last week’s riddle is: smiles because there is a mile between each (s).

This week’s riddle is: what do you call a bear with no teeth. That’s all folks written and edited Diarmuid, Fergus and Ewan J


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