Green Flag Awards

in Kilkenny

Newsletter – 25th of May 2018

St. Mary’s Parochial School Newsletter

By Marzana (partly), Ayesha and Rebecca


Last week we walked to school from Oakville Dunnes and The Park Hotel and were lucky to get a lovely morning.  Thank you to all the parents who joined us.

This Monday, we enjoyed our singing lessons with Jayne. We went over the two songs that we are learning for the end of year ceremony  The Junior room had ‘Tell5’ for homework this week.  They had to find out the names of 5 people they would tell if they were worried about anything. One person for each of their five fingers!

On Tuesday, we made custom objects with clay, assisted by Ms. McGrath.  This is our last day of making things with clay and we will move on to painting our creations next week.  6th Class walked up to the Paediatric Ward in the hospital with the artist Marine and her niece to give them a cheque to buy art supplies and toys for the children.

On Wednesday, 6th Class had Drama with Amy at 10.30 for an hour. The Juniors had extra break time at first break and seniors got extra break time second break!

Brigid Mannion kindly brought Diarmuid, Rafi and Niamh to Kilkenny on Wednesday to collect our latest green flag award. They had lunch and enjoyed their day out and here are some photos of their day.

On Thursday, we had swimming lessons and in the afternoon, we did soccer with Robert.  For Nature homework, the Juniors studied the last minibeast on the Great Plant Hunt programme.

Lastly, on Friday, we played recorder and guitar with Maggie.  It was Maisara’s Birthday and she and Marziyah brought chocolates!

The answer to last week’s riddle was:

your name!

This week’s riddle is:

If a chicken says ‘all chickens are liars’, is it telling the truth?




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